Uint32 properties not editable

uint32 UPROPERTYs, even when declared as EditAnywhere, show up as grey, uneditable boxes in Details panel. Is this by design, or is there something extra that needs to be done to make them editable?

It’s by design. Blueprints only support int32 and I believe also int64.

I’d have liked unsigned ints, as well as uint8, but they’re not supported.

Hey Sneftel,

This is by design. Blueprints can edit variables of type int32, uint8, and float. All others can be seen by Blueprint but not edited outside of code.

I was informed previously that only int32 was supported, but int64 was being considered for addition:

Can you confirm that uint8 is now supported?

I believe int64 is still being considered, but as of now it’s still not supported. As far as I know, uint8 has always been supported. I can confirm that it is working now, at least.

Thanks !

Historically uint8 wasn’t supported - I wanted to use it for networking a while back :slight_smile: