How to make UI that has background bigger than canvas size and navigate it with mouse? For tech tree, just like in Dyson sphere program where you can navigate tech tree with mouse.

It’s 2 Canvases (canvasi?!). You nest one in the other. The Inner one is larger and you shift the Inner in the Outer.

edit: canvasses meh, boring

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How can i shift the inner in the outer?

Anything that’s a child of the canvas can:


Above, the Outer is clipping bounds. The Inner is 2x the size of Outer.

Here’s the whole shebang:



perfect thank you very much!

There is a project link in the AH post somewhere, and it is still alive. You’d use a canvas instead of an Image, ofc. Since you will want to populate the Inner with other widgets.

Good luck!

Very weird.
So i did everything like it was shown in tutorial But it only works if inner is not connected to Get desired size, in clamps function.
And mouse wheel does not work.

Hm, not sure. Never tested it with scaling an actual canvas, should work, though. You can always download the project and see what makes it tick.

But there’s a bunch of other bits and bobs that need setting up, like anchors. This was not a tut, more of a take-me-apart example.

I just converted it to 4.27 - works as advertised. :wink:

Yes yes everything works for me i just wanted to let you know. thanks again.

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should i delete this post?

Really? I just tried to replace the reference to the Image with a Canvas and it spasms out delightfully.

should i delete this post?

Your post, your rules :slight_smile:

Oh I see what you mean! The canvas panel does not like its Desired Size polled. Kind of makes sense. There, I learnt something new!