[UI Widgets and NPC Pawns] - Super Confused

Not entirely sure why, perhaps I need to step back from the project for a bit. However, if anyone could point me in the right direction :wink:

Designing a player select screen, and I’ve got a struct with all the stats, the pawn instance calls up the PlayerClass enum. I search for the enum in a struct, and then from there, get the other stats (description, etc.) How do I pass it onto the 3 widgets inside the pawn though? I know I need to do a Cast from somewhere, is it in the pawn I need to cast to the Widget? Or vice versa?

Here is how I have it set up, hopefully the snippet marks is enough to get the idea:


And figured it out. I was missinghte Get User Widget Object. derp.

And enumerators for whatever reason are not returning the text themselves to the widget for some reason. The values, print string, etc, works, but not when casted to a widget; hmm