UI viewing data within structures

I’ve been working on a prototype for an rpg style Equipment/inventory/Status UI system. and have come across an issue i cant seem to figure out Wanted to run it by the community to see if maybe i’ve overlooked something glaringingly fundemental and obvious (i usually do).

So Ive got my Ui set up to show the equiped gear of the “active” character from an array set up in game mode. THe Stats of each character are in an CHARACTERSHEET STructure containing Name, hp, xp etc. and all this works as expected… Ive set up some template items with an ITEMDATA structure which contains its name, model, graphic icon etc, My issue happens when i try to display the characters Equipped items - Similarly set up in a EQUIPPEDGEAR structure. Though the ui components can see the structure and even draw in data like “get display name”, I cant seem to break up any structures out of these results in order to get say the relevant image for a slate brush, or even or the items name variable, I’m assuming the problem lies with the fact that the equipped gear structure stores actors, rather than a more basic set of variables. Are actors in structures considered bad form? I have done something similar to this previously that worked well using an Item ID# style method, But in this experiemt i’m trying to make unique items / weapons that can have individual upgrades or aspects to them rather than just using a stock data base. But again… maybe my whole approach to this needs rethinking. Thanks in advance for any suggestions :slight_smile:


hmmmmno responses and not many views… well here’s a clip of what im trying to do, as you can see in the vid all the characters stats and names and even portaits work fine… I just can’t get the widget to appropriatly get to the data i need when looking toward each actors equipped items… UE4 beginning equipment screen - YouTube