UI/UX - Initial Confusion points

This is mainly priority feedback, but I marked down all the areas with the main UI that semi-confuse me.

  1. When starting a new map, I wanted to exit the window but it wouldn’t let me. The editor loads even without an island loaded, so this window can (in theory) close. If the purpose of this was to not lead a new creator to the editor without an island loaded, a confirmation message could appear informing them that they need an open project to continue, but still let you exit.

  2. Wording on the dropdown menu confuses me constantly and I keep pressing the wrong button (I confuse “create/Open Project” with “Explore Project Folder”, and wanting to see all my projects I end up opening the project folder instead. Something like:
    Create/Open Project >> Manage projects (easier to process the wording)
    Explore Project Folder >> Open project in Explorer

  3. “Foliage” mode is deprecated, so why not remove the button (is it still useful? Doesn’t seem to work in UEFN)

  4. “World Partition” window is always open by default, even though I never used that window and it hides the “details” panel which is extremely useful, a new user may miss it.

  5. Was hard to figure out how to delete the full landscape that I created.

  6. Was hard to figure out how to set a new landscape brush. Would be cool to get better wording on that warning message that says “make asset public”

  7. Account permissions don’t seems to save, because I had to accept multiple times

  8. Hard to tell size in UEFN. You may think that you are building a small area (example 1), then you realize everything is massive (example 2)

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Good set of Feedback, Thank you.

Couple to call out to avoid confusion:

  • Foliage is not fully deprecated yet and is included as it did work. Late regression there.
  • The Landscape brush issue is a bug in that it should allow you to use that asset without the error. Needing to set it public in that case is incorrect.
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