UI/UX Designer

We a looking for a good UI/UX designer, let me know if you are interested or can recommend someone. this is the full job description:

Atom Universe is growing a relatively small, tight-knit and highly productive team to work a new social AR app for mobiles. As part of this I’m looking for an experienced UX/UI technical designer to join the team. If you believe in open communication, delivering great results as part of a team and want to play a key part in the concept, development, launch and growth phases of an ambitious and highly anticipated project in Social AR then you just might be the person we are looking for!

In this role you will be responsible for:
Defining the overall vision for and the design of the social multiplayer user experience
The creation of documentation to help communicate the vision, including but not limited to wireframes and flowcharts
The creation of working prototypes that demonstrate the design and help reduce risk in the production phase of development
The creation of and continued development of all aspects of an app’s UI and its appearance on all supported devices
Taking an iterative approach to development and always be focused on the overall user experience by improving the end user’s understanding of how to interact with the UI
Ensuring an overall high quality level of the UI design, and User Experience

The key skills and characteristics we need are:
3-5 years’ experience creating user interfaces for mobile applications or video games
The ability to communicate your vision to designers, artists, programmers, producers and others involved in the development process. This may involve presenting ideas both verbally and on paper, for which writing and the ability to communicate your idea in a visual form are required.
A strong knowledge of software used in UI development, preferably including but not limited to: Unreal Engine 4 (UMG/Blueprint), Adobe Photoshop

Desired skills:
Experience with designing communication applications (voice/chat)
Experience with multiplayer virtual worlds
Experience with designing user experience for building 3D avatars and interior of living rooms
An end-user driven approach to design
Be enthusiastic and quick to learn to apply new creative techniques and technology

Remuneration and benefits:
Highly competitive salary
Share options
Flexible hours
Possibility of working from home

Location is in Woking, Surrey, UK

email your CV to [EMAIL=“”]

For more info on our team and virtual world visit

Happy to report that we’ve been creating UX/UI for games for 9 years now and also know UE4 like the back of our hands. I’d love to chat more about your project and hear about your team structure and working methodologies as well as how we could fit within them and augment what sounds like an already amazing group of devs! Feel free to head over to to check out more of our work and I’ll send you an email now