[Ui/ Umg] animation replication

Hey there Unreal community!

  • What I’m doing:
    I’m implementing a Tekken-style character ui into my multiplayer fighting game. Both players can see the selected characters highlighted when they are chosen, i also have 2 pictures behind the character selection (One for each player), that displays the selected characters concept art.

  • The Problem:
    I’ve added a Ui-animation that slides the concept art pictures into the screen whenever the player has selected a character. I’m trying to make it so it only plays the animation on the picture that is changing, instead of playing it on both at the same time. The pictures are inside of a horizontal box ( in the character selection UI), which i then populate with a “character display” widget that holds the players info such as the name, avatar etc.

Has anybody had experience with doing something like this before?
Any tips would be grealty appreciated.

Have a great day

  • SamuelB

Is there anyone who can share some light on this subject?