UI that can be seen by HMD,but not to be blocked

I want to make UI that can be seen by HMD,but not to be blocked by the scene object.Now 3D UMG UI is blocked by the scene object. Who has a good idea?


You can still render it in-game, but you will need to make sure it uses the custom depth option.

I think thats right… sorry, been a while since I tried :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think this works with widgets right now. My solution would be to make some text objects that are parented to the camera and disable them from casting a shadow. Dumb workaround.

I would caution against doing this. Your brain wigs out when it sees something that it thinks is far away overlap with something it thinks is close.

I believe the stereo layering features in 4.11 will be exactly what you want for this, but they are still in early development

UI color is the original color?

If do like this,UI can’t be detected by a ray

Sorry,I can’t understand what you said,ha!

Now 4.11 come,But I still don’t know what should I do.

What I mean is that if your brain thinks something is a certain distance away and then it overlaps something that it thinks is closer, it causes discomfort. You need to avoid these moments in VR because they increase VR fatigue and eventually make the player want to stop playing.

If you are really desperate to do this for some reason then you can always set your material to translucent and then under the translucency settings of the material you can check “disable depth test”.

is like this?
Is there any other way?