UI question

Hi all,

I’m having this problem. were I have my material node window open!!
but as soon I goto the content browser for eg to my Texture (folder)
it closes my (Material node Window) it on the background. So I need
to shift my window to get to it.

I’m sure I didn’t have this from the begining! perhaps its a option I need
to turn on!!

can anybody assist?

This should work right out of the box. The windows you open should always be on top of the editor window, you just have to resize them if you want more space or need to access the content browser at the same time…Can you perhaps illustrate you problem with a screenshot?



As you can see from my screenshot, that the window of the MaterialEditor is sitting on top. The editor it self is in the background which is fine.
But as soon as I move from my Material editor to my Texture folder (greenarrow). For eg. to get some textures my MaterialEditor windows closes. It still there
but in the background. I’m sure I could just goto my texture folder and drop/dragg my textures into my MaterialEditorWindow. Perhaps there’s some option I turned on/off



Drag the texture tab to the right side of the screen and the UI should show a docking point. Drop the tab and you will have both windows open on the same plane allowing you to do what you need to do.

UI question!! docking

Thanks for helping out. This is the problem!! As soon I select a texture and want to drag it to my (MaterialEditor window), it goes to the background!!