UI Progress Bar Not Working

hi guys I like to ask a favor, does anyone uses 4.26 engine? I like to ask if any of u encounter UI malfunction/not working after created a binding? I’m heavily suspecting that it’s a bug.

Tutorial Followed: Unreal Engine 4 - Health Bar and Damage Tutorial (Beginner) - YouTube

In the engine or something you scripted? Post a screenshot of your script. How is the progress bar fetching data? Just by scrubbing the tut, I can tell you it’s not a great tut.

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This is the script of UI, when I put it in Level BP everything works fine except the progress bar totally zero progress. N… yes I did follow a 2018 youtube video lol

Not sure how closely you followed it but this is different for example:

The script you presented is using a hard reference of the correct type (so you do not need to Cast as the helpful blue Note indicates). But is the reference valid? How is it set?

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Are you sure you followed the video?

Hi sorry, I’ve been busy. Plus for your knowing, I actually able to solve the problem by using Get Actor Of Class. I only start UE4 for less than a year, so if it works it works.