UI Navigation 2.0

Alongside UE 4.22, I have updated my UI Navigation plugin to support even more features and an improved workflow!

UI Navigation is a free and open-source plugin for UE4 that will allow you to easily configure and adapt your menus to fully support Mouse, Keyboard and Gamepad navigation.
It’s a framework that extends the editor’s base logic and adds navigation events that are independent of the input type you’re using.

Here are the features so far:

  • 4 ways of navigation:

  • Changing button states

  • Changing the selected option text’s color

  • Changing the position of the Selector, a 2D widget

  • Applying UMG animations

  • OnSelect (equivalent to OnClick), OnNavigate (equivalent to OnHovered) and OnInputChanged events

  • Show / Hide buttons dinamically

  • Navigation chaining (hold button to continue navigating)

  • OptionBox

  • SliderBox

  • Action Rebinding

  • Partial Axis Rebinding

And there are still more features being worked on!

Find out more about it here:

Also here are some screenshots of the documentation for the plugin:

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