UI Mod - Crosshair?

I’ve check many textures and the HUD widgets but can’t find the crosshair.

Anyone know where this might be editable?

There was a HUDMain texture but it looked old.

The default crosshair seems to contained within an asset somewhere, presumably the cheat manager class(don’t know for certain) as setcheatplayer true will show the crosshairs independent of server/game settings I believe.

I just worked around it by using my own.


I looked at this again after trying to find the crosshair before and i think it does in fact use that HUDMain texture for the default crosshair. At least that is what is set in the “ShooterHUDBP” and it contains the crosshair. Not sure if you can get around with editing the area containing the crosshair.

I edited the image itself and it seems to work fine. Except unfortunately I can’t change the color. Ah well.

Thanks for your replies.

Can you edit it in the dev kit or do i need to import it elsewhere and edit it there?