UI Message crashes engine

The engine always becomes unresponsive once I open some UI messages, the ones I have experienced so far are :

  • The Color Picker UI.
  • The Convert In place message when opening a project.
  • When changing a variable type in Blueprint UI.

Note: My other laptop works fine with the same engine.

Which platform? I get this on Mac - I’ve gotten it when trying to submit to source control, and other actions which bring up a progress bar or status message.

On windows 10, working fine on win 8 though

Hello Zexus_,

Could you post your dxdiag? The problem could be related to your hardware or your current driver versions. I’ve tried reproducing this locally without any success which is why I suspect that one of those may be the cause. On top of that, can you check this Software Conflicts List to see if anything you’re using is shown there?

dxdiag: link text
I see no conflicts in the conflict list

Thank you for the information Zexus_. I noticed that the dxdaig mentions that you’re using Intel HD Graphics 5600. Do you have a discreet GPU for switching in the case of launching intensive programs such as UE4? If so, can you ensure that it is switching properly? If not, the problem is most likely your current driver version for your Intel HD Graphics. We’ve had multiple reports of problems with this driver ( This should be the latest one for you:

If you receive errors or run into any problems trying to upgrade this driver, you may need to contact your laptop’s manufacturer as there may be something in particular that needs to be done to do so.