UI menu darkening?

Hi, I have no idea why but the icons and text on my UI menu are appearing darker than they should be. This weekend, the last time I worked on the UI, everything looked fine.


I’ve tried replacing these scripted icons with other simple ones, they are all darkened too. I have looked in my vertical box containing both the text and the image icons but I can’t find any tint or anything applied. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

I’m not sure if this works or not, hopefully it is allowed- bump?

Can you screenshot the widget’s ‘Appearance’ settings for us to look at?

Are you inheriting from a parent widget, or using any bindings?

The image icons themselves are separate user-created widgets that I dragged into the main widget. I did this so that I could build them as buttons and duplicate them easily. When I can I will check over some general settings in the UI editor a few last times, then try to get those screenshots up here. Thanks.

I don’t know for sure without seeing the settings, but I know that if “IsEnabled” is unchecked, that UMG elements get kinda greyed out in a similar way.

Are these 3D widgets?

Some parts of the widget are actually widgets themselves that I’ve brought in. However, the next that is native to the main widget has greyed out too- leading me to believe the problem is somewhere in the main widget itself. Here’s the details panel for the main widget. If I were to delve deeper there’s a vertical box inside of that widget that holds everything- but, for now, here’s the main widgets details. At this point I may just start fresh with GUI.

I’ve tried toying around with the settings a bit here as you can see.