UI makes Editor Laggy

Hi all, I have encountered massive frame rate drops whenever I hover/use the 2D UI elements of the editor and then when I go to use the 3D part of the editor there is massive frame drops . And whenever I switch to another application and switch back to unreal editor (Alt-TAB) the frame rate goes back up to how it should perform. but then again if I start using the 2D part again the process of frame drop repeats all over again.
I have tried disabling Shadow Play but it didn’t help at all.
I use a HP Omen X laptop
GTX 1070
FHD 1080p IPS 120Hz display with gsync

I deleted Geforce experience ( the software itself) then too i am having problems

Might be another case of Geforce experience overlay causing it. This question keeps popping up over and over again. Consider switching it off and see if it helps.