UI Low Image Quality

I wonder if there is a solution to keep sharp the small-size (like 50x50px) images used in the UI?
I looked at a lot of the previous posts but I couldn’t find a straightforward solution for this problem. Is it even possible to keep the ~same quality? If not what are the workarounds to make an image sharp even on a small scale?

What kind of use is your image made for?

Borders and Boxes?
Than you may want to set the Draw Type of the Image Brush to Border or Box and set the margins to get a sliced image.

Plain image?
Can only stay sharp when drawn at the exact same size as the image is.
Every up- or downscaling results in sharpness loss.

If you desire to make a more pixep perfect look, set the image group settings (double click on the texture the content browser) to “unfiltered 2D”.

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try find the material used by the UI, duplicate and change Masked by Translucent

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Also, open the texture and set compression settings to UserInterface2D(RGBA).

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