UI/Inventory problems

Need help to open the right UI/Inventory, i have made another version of the smithy but when i try to open it, it opens the wrong UI, the vanilla smithy opens instead of the one I made.

Do anyone know how i can fix this?

Go into your structure blueprint for the smithy you made and go to the components tab. You will see the vanilla inventory, you need to delete that one and add your new one as a component.

Not what he’s trying to do, lol.

I do not think it’s possible to replace the inventory UI for a specific structure/item. You would need to replace the actual UI itself, which is located in the ShooterHUDBP I think it is, but in doing so your mod would need to be loaded first - making it not stack with other mods cleanly - or would be better of used in a TC.


This is exactly what i wanted to do, however i figured it out. Just took forever.

Anyway, thanks :smiley:

Okay cool, once I saw WM post I thought I was reading everything wrong… this is a common mistake I make it almost every time I make a new crafting structure haha.

He confused me with the way he worded it… lol.


It’s my fault, I’m not the best in English so :stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks for the help both of you. :slight_smile: