UI images always blocks mouse input?

Hello, I using this image in UI (full screen image)

Image 100% transparent in the middle, but anyway mouse input blocked in this transparent middle (yes, without this image everything works fine). Can I somehow ignore this image?

Transparency has no effect on queries, set Visibility instead:

Oh, thats what for this options, thanks (but you forget to say hello!111!!!1!!1!!!) :slight_smile: But in 4.22 its called:

  • Hit Test Invisible;
  • Self Hit Test Invisible.

Hello KAT! Long time, no see!

That is true. The enumerators were updated (for clarity) but confused me for a solid month!

I mean that if gentleman sees “hello” at the beginning of question, he need to start answer also with “hello” :smiley:

Thats why I dont update versions of programs, Iike Blender 2.79-2.8 update was a completely mess.

I’m definitely not a gentelman so I’m off the hook, I hope!