UI image couldnot bind to TouchInput-OntouchStarted or others overridable Functions

Has the function signature changed? What happens if you create a new binding?

In UE4.22 or 4.24 version,i create an UI and make image like below pitcure shows

this image Events OnMouseButtonDown can select bind to overridable function

But in UE4.26 version,there is a overridable function OnTouchStarted

the image in designer couldnot bind to OnTouchStarted or OnTouchEnd etc.

I check and compared the Source file(image.h,image.cpp,userwidget.h) of 4.26 and 4.22 ,didn’t see any difference,I don’t know why there is such a problem in 4.26

I am not very clear,You can only create bindings directly(OnMouseButtonDown0), but I want to bind overridable functions directly,as OnTouchStarted

Why do you want to use OnTouchStarted? Is this the function? UUserWidget::OnTouchStarted | Unreal Engine Documentation I don’t think you can use it as a binding because it requires parameters that are different to what the binding provides.

What are you trying to do this for? Maybe there’s another way.

I want to turn the page left or right when touching,there are other ways to do it.
The bindings OnTouchStarted have been used in older versions,I’m just wondering why the new version won’t work.