UI Framework

Heya, iam curently working on a UI Framework. The goal is to be as flexible as possible. As this is going to be a Marketplace Submission its all UMG (Sadly due to the fact that c++ stuff isnt allowed :/). Beside a rework of standard controls ill plan on creating Complete Window Widgets with built in Click to Move, Docking and Snaping or Shadow Outlines id like to know what kind of Widgets you maybe like to be included. Iam going to post Screenshots of the Progress soon.

Also as a side note, iam looking for a 2D Artist that is willing (you can consider this a paid job, details via skype) to contribute a Basic Skin (i also plan to include to capability to make the whole thing skinnable so you can use premade skins for your work).

Anway please throw me your toughts.

Edit: Quick Screenshot of the Drop-Shadow Widget