UI Engineer for Exiles of Embermark, Gunslinger Studios

Project Title**:**
Exiles of Embermark

Fantasy RPG multiplayer in one minute. (mobile)


  • Train, develop and equip a character to be the ultimate combatant
  • Strategic PVP and quest-based PVE
  • Find loot and craft items of enormous power to spec in a gazillion different ways
  • Build up a camp and recruit followers that quest and improve the character

Team Name**:**
Gunslinger Studios

Team Structure**:**

Tim Harris (Project Creator)
Game Director - 1.5 years.

Mike Dekoekkoek
Lead Engineer - 1.5 years.

Kyle Marks
Game Designer - 1.5 years.

Kyle Marks
2D & 3D Artist - 1.5 years.

Previous Work**:**
Midnight Star (mobile), Midnight Star: Renegade (mobile), The Continuum (PC), Where’s My Mickey (mobile)

Talent Required**:**

UI Engineer - this is a full-time, salaried position, but also open to contracting

  • Proven ability to work with C++ and UMG/Slate (or equivalent UI technologies - specific experience with UE4’s unique use of C++ preferred)
  • Understanding and expertise in memory management
  • Graphics and Visual programming - shaders, 2d animation
  • Must be extremely well organized; repeatedly communicating goals and requirements to all team members on a rolling basis
  • Can turn the experience of previous milestones into improvements in current milestones without being asked to do so, while simultaneously deriving an enormous amount of glee from doing it
  • Has shipped at least one commercial game
  • Team-player who puts the project’s success first

Exiles of Embermark


sent email this morning to you :slight_smile:

I’m, not a native English speaker, can someone rephrase this part for me?

Hi @CriErr, apologies-- I was putting that in for perspective. What we’re looking for is someone who is a real learner-- someone who takes past milestones, learns from them, incorporates that learning into their work and enjoys doing so.