UI dont fires action on button click on server... (but ok on Unreal Engine environment test)

Hello guys! It’s me again!

I have some issues with my Admin UI…

I setted some buttons and got the events for clicked. Then, the action fires well on Unreal Engine testing environment… But on my server… nothing!

Same here, with an another button which impact an another class:

Any ideas? Thx ^^

Add a delay function after the Event On Play function. If you dont have one, add one.

Again? Ok, I will get a try tomorrow, thx :slight_smile:

Tried but it’s still not working… **** :frowning: Is it only possible to use a primal ui to do some server-side calls?

Widgets need to be parented to Primal UI and they do not exist on servers nor do they have the authority to call server events.

An intermediary is needed which is where any logic needed to execute is placed. Buffs work best for this.


So, I should put all my logic into a “Buff” child of “Buff Base”??

But how can I from the UI summon this buff to my Player?

You don’t do it from the UI, you add it to the player before you create the UI.