UI Developer Wanted

Greetings! I am currently looking for someone who is a UI (User Interface) Developer. Essentially, we are looking for someone capable of creating User Interfaces, HUD’s and all that sort of things for our game me and my team are developing. I will post the concept below and some more information

**Important Note - **This project is intended to be a Kick-started project set for May 2018. Essentially, this means I will be unable to compensate you until we reach the Kick-starter. Keep this in mind before contacting me.

Concept - An open world survival game that takes place in the Pleistocene. You play as our ancestors in a harsh and unforgiving Ice Age world. Group up with your friends and use your intelligence to survive and adapt to the climate. Fight other tribes for territory, hunt large animals to sustain yourself, and fight back dangerous predators.

Current Team - Myself, 2 programmers, 1 sound developer, 1 modeler/animator, 1 modeler/Environmental Artist, and a Concept artist

To contact me, please email me at [EMAIL=“”] If you try to reach out to me here then I may not respond, but I will know if you email me to this email.