UI Designer/Level Designer/Animator/Sound Artist for Digital Card Game NYX


I have posted here multiple times but now our project has matured.


We are developing a free to play sci-fi digital card game. If you have played Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic or Hearthstone, you will be familiar with our game. To distinguish ourselves from our competitors, our game focuses on three aspects:

  1. Competitiveness: We are developing the game as competitive as possible, no Babbling Books :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Free-To-Play: All of the cards in our games will always be free, no paywalls. We make money with vanities, skins etc.

  3. Community Creation: People can create their own cards and they will be able to host their own tournaments.

You can download the prototype (around 500mb) from here:

NB! The demo contains art which is not created by us, it is only for development/internal use and by no way is intended for promotional use!!


We have a working gameplay prototype and we are looking for talents for the following things:

  • Designing a map for our first level

  • UI Designing incl. animations

  • Sound effects, incl. menu themes

NB! If you tried the prototype and have good ideas on how to improve the game, definitely let us know and we will find a mutually beneficial agreement.


We are working as a team in a startup incubator and we have already an interested investor, but we would like to make the best possible impression thus we will dedicate some resources for polish.

If we have an investor backing and additional funds, we will fledge out the rest of the game and start a Kickstarter campaign.

Very nice, I can help you with that

i’m a french sound designer / composer may be i’ll be open for your project , specialy for all music .
for audio , have you all ready a check list for all assets ( sfx UI , character ,Hud…) …? i can help too on this field but need to see what the amount of sfx before .

here my last work

Hello, my name is Felipe Gouvêa, I am the creator of Pokemon Fire Red 3D Remake.I’m looking for a job in the gaming area,I have some work on Unreal Engine 4 posted on my Youtube channel ( Felipe Gouvea - YouTube ),I’m a mechanical engineer, I’m 25 years old, I live in Brazil,my English is basic and I’m looking for a job outside my country.

Is there a way I can contact you?

Is this 2D or 3D if its 3D i can help, im a 3D environment artist/level designer and 3D modeller. check out my website if i can help you

Hey, Serban from Norway here. I would love to help you out with the sound design (effects, ambiance).

check out these demos, for a taste.

don’t really have any demo reel in the genre you are making but I am capable.