UI Components Don't Work in 4.26.1

Today, I decided to create some UI widgets and I can’t actually use them. I’ve checked the ZOrders and also did set the input mode to the “UI Only” mode. Neither hovering, nor clicking works.

These are also some screenshots to this problem and the things I’ve done.

Blueprints look fine.

Could be widgets overlapping like the options panel. If you set it’s visibility to collapsed it won’t take up any space. If that doesn’t work id suggest removing everything apart from a single button to see if it works, then add elements back in one by one.

Hello there. Yes, that doesn’t work either. Even the options panel itself doesn’t seem to work. I decided to add buttons one by one and that didn’t work either. It’s a little bit odd. Could it be the problem with the newest update?

@GrumbleBunny, hello there. Yes, I’ve tested all of those and have also removed the panels to see whether it works. It didn’t. Might it be a problem with the newest update?

So, probably the problem was me not paying attention to active widgets. After checking different widgets, I got to have different widgets become activated and deactivated to prevent overlapping. This was probably me not paying attention to other active widgets.

Nice find! Something like a widget switcher might help manage that kind of thing.