UI bug

Good day,
recently I’ve been working on inventory and I came across problem with my UI.

It is smaller than it should.
This is how it should look

It has same width as scrollbox it is nested in.

I can’t solve it for myself. Please help me.

That is quite the user name…

Can you show the widget hierarchy?

Is it somehow weird?

Inventory Menu:

Is it somehow weird?

The menu - no. The user name - that’s debatable. :wink: What’s weird to some is perfectly passable to others.

You have wrap boxes nested in scroll boxes - which is fine. I’m assuming the Item will sit in one of the wrap boxes, correct? Or in a scrollbox? Assume we know nothing about what you’re doing, be descriptive if you can.

The first thing I’d do - remove the canvas from the Item widget. It’s redundant and complicates the layout unnecessarily. You can right click it and replace with child. This should automatically ensure that the parent widget will use proper Desired Size.

It might be enough here, do tell if it helps.

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Thanks! It is good now.

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