UI and Editor Preferences resets every new project

So every time I start a new project I have to edit settings and customize UI again and again. How to make UE remember every change I make in Editor Preferences and UI for all my next projects?

first create an empty project, open it and then custom your ui interface whatever you want then close it. Now the trick is to go inside your project folder in Saved / Config / Windows / and open and copy every thing inside EditorLayout.ini. then go inside your engine folder in Engine / Config / and paste and save everything you just copy in BaseEditorLayout.ini. Now everytime you create a new project will open your custom ui. Hope this is useful…just leave a comment if it works or if you have questions.

Thanks a lot!. I also edited BaseEditorUserSettings.ini so now I don’t have to change Editor Preferences settings every time I start a new project. Solved :slight_smile:

None of my projects have this file.

Go to your Engine directory > engine version > Engine > Config.
Inside you’ll find BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini. Open it and find bShowFrameRateAndMemory and set to True.
Save the .ini file and you’re good to go.
I recommend you close all the projects before doing this.
I’m using 4.13.2

What does that flag has to do with saving configurations persistently across multiple projects?

that’s one of the setting. I think all the settings in BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini works the same. You just need to change the value and save it.