UI 1k textures weigh 5+ MB


While packaging android games, I found out that my UI textures, which are created in photoshop and which weigh around 40 KB as PNGs, suddenly are 5+ MB after the import. Does it have to do something with UserInterface2D compression, and how do I minimize that size?

Hi Lordink -

UserInterface2D is an uncompressed File Format, so you will get a large file type. When the Engine brings in a texture, it is reading information and then compressing it based on the Compression Settings in the Editor.

There are ways to help that file size, one is to Change the Mip Gen Settings to NoMipmaps which will remove around 1MB from the resource size. You can also reduce the Maximum Texture Size from Compression >> Maximum Texture Size. Assuming you are placing the Textures in a Material you could reduce down to 256 as Max Size and will result in a Resource Size of 256Kb.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum