UH - 60 Blackhawk

Utility helicopter equipped with m134 miniguns.
Just finished texturing and now its time to bring it in UE4, based on my helicopter blueprint.




As a vehicle artist myself this is stunning! Well done you should be proud. To make it look that good in engine is a great feat. You made it good so realistic and the detail you made are outstanding well done! Great work!

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Thank you fellow vehicle modeler as every modeler out there im giving my best and try to improve in any way possible.
Kind of suck at lightning and environments but still giving my best.
Again thanks for kind words :slight_smile:

I have to agree with @jaker3278; your UH-60 Blackhawk design/creation came out fantastic, and seeing it in action was a sight to behold! Kudos to you on a job well done; how long did it take for you to create the Blackhawk in its entirety? Also, Happy New Year! :tada:

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Happy new year and lets hope it will be better than 2021 for all of us !
Thanks for kind words great start for 2022.
Well from initial polygon draw until marketplace approved 36 days + few more days researching the helicopter and gathering images blueprints dimensions watching couple of documentaries.
When modeling i like to watch if available documentaries of vehicles there is always some nice information to be learned.
I was stuck for 2 days trying to solve rigging the belt for miniguns not to clip out from windows when minigun is rotated.
Tried different approach but at the end simplest solution is the best one as usual

Very nice work. Love the details!! Congrats!!

The pleasure is all mine! A little over a month for this beauty of a Blackhawk, impressive! Kudos again on a job well done, and I hope to see many more awesome works from you this year! :grin: