UH- 60 Black Hawk helicopter

Hello everybody
I completed a new model helicopter UH- 60 Black Hawk medical version
I plan to make several versions of the helicopter such as - police, rescue, fire, and presidential

PBR Textures 4096x4096
This package contains 3 models - the fuselage of the helicopter, and 2 screws (main and side) All textures have a resolution of 4k
Polys 6627

This model is already in check







Looks great, are the blades animated?

I’m sorry, I might be missing the point, why would you want them animated?

model is not animated, but is divided into parts for the animation

Hello, I am working on animation
and made basic blueprints
for the TopRotor and TailRotor the rotational speed depends of takeoff or landing
Blueprints for the basic movements up down left right turns around the axis
Blueprints for takeoff and landing
Blueprints spectator camera
all flight parameters can be edited
and recorded a little video

The model looks great ! Keep up for the animations :wink:

finished work on the model RIG, blueprints and animation
As a result, the model can be controlled using the keyboard and mouse, or gamepad
and a short video

Due to copyright restrictions packs like this one and the other ones on the marketplace with any 3D model of real weapons would need legal advice because I doubt that it is possible to use any without paying fees to the manufacturers asking for their permission to use even in non-commercial products.
Big software houses have been sued by weapons manufacturers for not having paid the required fees and having used 3D models of their weapons in games.

Some press articles on the subject:

Hi guys, I have made update for the helicopter, https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/uh60m-blackhawk
I added several new skins, very soon the update will be available in marketplace


btw a reminder, the redcross logo accually is copyrighted, better change it to another color or redesign the logo :smiley: