UGS plus Precompiled binaries = Editor out of date

Hello there!

We have our UGS deployed . We created our binaries, but when UGS finished to sync with the binaries and try to launch the editor a pop up windows appears and said:

Editor Out of date
The editor needs to be built before you can run it. Build it now?

Wondering if someone here have experienced something similar!


Having the exact same issue, did you ever figure this out?


When we finished the build and the server published to P4 the description which contains the CL references was old. Double check the description for .zip binaries in p4. It should match the last CL change in the unreal project.

I actually found a separate solution. In my generate precompiled binaries script I made the mistake of building the project target instead of the project editor target (I did this: -set:EditorTarget=PROJECTNAME instead of this -set:EditorTarget=PROJECTNAMEEditor)

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I hear you, it’s confusing. Glad you made it!