ugly shadows

Hi all,
I am trying to figure out why I am getting some blotchy shadows. Check out the screen grabs I enclosed. This was run on a quality of medium.

I am going to try and run this on a production quality to see if this gets better. Not sure if my settings need to be changed.

Looks pretty normal for medium, try production. Your lightmap density is probably much higher than it needs to be.


It’s the quality!

  • Static Lighting Level Scale: how detailed you want Unreal to calculate lighting - the lower you go, the more detail you get if you have high enough lightmap resolution
  • Indirect Lighting Quality: kind of what is says! ;)1 is the default for GAMES!! For archviz the “entry” is around 4! :wink: Don’t go higher than 10 though. You’re kind of controlling the amount of quality and SAMPLES. When your scene is “dirty” it’s usually due to lack of samples… FYI this will drastically change building time!!
  • Indirect Lighting Smoothness: the amount of blurring. If you stay with the default 1, you’ll lose sharper shadow/lighting details! Also can cause shading differences due to the way Unreal calculates lighting (per mesh). I’d go with 0.6, it won’t effect building time!

Hope this will help!

Thank you for your feedback ZacD and Makigirl. I switched some settings and re-baking now. Lets see how that comes out.

You might also want to work on getting you light map density to the green area instead of red.

In the lighting for the object Override light map resolution.

Cheers, :slight_smile:

Hi All
Here is an update on the progress. Im pretty happy with the smoothness of things. I am trying to figure out how to get more detailed in the shadows.

…maybe read my post!! :S