I need a tutorial that actually has good content, but also isn’t outdated where i spend more time troubleshooting topics i know should be simple, but end up becoming complicated because im using outdated methods provided by official documentation. I’m really just looking for something that will help me obtain more familiarity with the whole design process of a game from start to finish in C++ code. My preferred game of choice would be a multiplayer first person shooter that is potentially implementing the “Epic Game Services”.

the official documentation and tutorials on the unreal website make me sad… they are very outdated… yay for copyrights !!! can’t even learn because ya probably can’t use IP that would make the best tutorials !

In a nutshell, no chance.

You need to find tutorials about specific segments of what you’re trying to do, you’ll never find one for the whole thing.

As for the game services, that was only released the other day, so the only stuff you’ll get on that will be from Epic at the moment…