UGC Build Errors

Okay this seems like a stupid question to ask and especially create a forum for, but I can’t find the solution anywhere. When trying to build the UGC example project for windows in shipping configuration I get the error:
“UnrealBuildTool : error : Found ‘MyFirstTestMod’ plugin in two locations (D:\Unreal\UnrealEngine\Projects\UGCExample\Mods\MyFirstTestMod\MyFirstTestMod.uplugin and D:\Unreal\UnrealEngine\Projects\UGCExample\Mods\MyFirstTestMod\MyFirstTestMod.uplugin). Plugin names must be unique.”
It is the same location and I only used the UGC Buttons to create the Mod.
I Also deleted the mod and tried a different name which gave the same error.
Anyone know why this happens and maybe can give a short explanation?

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Hi ,
Bit of an old topic but I found the cause of your problem and an intermediate solution. Basically the plugin wizard that is invoked by creating a new mod has no way to know it is creating “mod” as it were and fails the simple task of determining that UE4 already knows where the mods directory is and instead treats the directory as an additional plugin directory in AddToPluginSearchPathIfNeeded
this marks your .uproject file in a bad way, causing the search directory it adds to be redundant, permanently borking your editor.
UE4 is a big project and these things are bound to happen, the interim solution is to simply open your .uproject file in a text editor and remove the “Mods” entry from
“AdditionalPluginDirectories”: [
I am considering sending a PR for the plugin creation wizard so that it intelligently detects the mods directory and does not ever add it, but there are a number of reasons that might not be a good idea, for now you can use this method if you want to.
Happy modding!



Dear Jasoooo,

This is what I call waking up to good news. I will try it later today.
Huge thanks because this really should be the quickest solution!


Thank you a million times for this! Fixed my UGC issues on 4.26.