UGameplayStatics::PredictProjectilePath not compiling due to argument error

I am currently trying to use UGameplayStatics::PredictProjectilePath using the expected inputs from [this][1]
I am using the second deceleration of the function and it is saying that it does not match the argument list and I cant figure out why.

Here is my current code.

This is the error, I understand it but I cant figure out what I added that is wrong.

I doesnt like one of your parameters youre calling the function with, looks like. but I cant tell which one

That is the conclusion I came to. Just posting because I cant figure out which one is wrong.
Thanks for your feedback.

Make sure all the variable types are what listed in the argument types, and you’ve imported the classes EngineTypes.h and DrawDebugTrace.h.

I’m going to assume that the types of the variables you’re passing in are correct, as most of them look like they are. However, are you also including “Engine/World.h”? If not, then the call to “GetWorld()” could be the culprit. Since that parameter is a world context object, you could also try just passing in “this.”

It looks to me like the problem is with the 9th parameter. It should be an array and you are just passing it a single type.

Something like this should probably fix the problem.

TArray<TEnumAsByte<EObjectTypeQuery>> ObjectTypes;

Then just use the ObjectTypes variable for the 9th parameter.