UGameplayStatics::LoadStreamLevel is not loading asynchronously

Hello, i have a door blueprint that loads a list of levels before opening the door. The system works but when it’s loading the levels it kills my game thread and i have a huge fps drop until it’s loaded. I have specified that bShouldBlockOnLoad is set to false on the LoadStreamLevel call, so that should load on a different thread and do it asynchronously. Here is the code i did:

void ADoor::LoadLevels()
	FString Callback = "OnLevelLoaded";

	for (int32 i = 0; i < Levels.Num(); i++)
		FName Level = Levels[i];

		FLatentActionInfo LatentInfo(0, i, *Callback, this);
		UGameplayStatics::LoadStreamLevel(this, Level, true, false, LatentInfo);

This issue persists in 4.18.

Have you been able to fix this issue?

Make sure you have Async Loading Thread Enabled set to true on the project settings. You have some more options on the Engine - Streaming section to configure the Async loading, see if that helps you.