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Hello Guys,

I am a new member in this community. Also a beginner or new member at Unreal Engine. Many years ago I had done some maps editing on Tactical Ops game which was made with Unreal Engine I think. I used the Unreal Editor for editing the maps of that game. Actually at present I am a professional gamer of Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare which was developed with modified Quake Engine IW Engine (3.0). I am playing this game professionally for almost four years now. And for the last two years I have spent some of time in modifying CoD4 to fix it’s bugs and improve it with new features as we have a huge community of gamers all around the world who still plays CoD4 Multiplayer. As you guys might know that IW Engine is not an Open Source Engine. And Activision no longer support CoD4 anymore. Activision is totally busy with new games like Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 which is natural for their income. But there is a huge CoD4 Community out there we are becoming dead day by day due to lack of updates, huge amount of hackers, lots of game bugs, lots of maps bugs etc. but no fix. Activision is really not willing to provide any support for CoD4 because we tried that too. There are rumors that they will shutdown CoD4 Master Server soon.

I am a normal intermediate developer. I know a few programming languages which includes C, C#, VB.NET, PHP, HTML, CSS. I formed a small of team of developers who are very interested to re-make CoD4 in the form of a new game. After some research all our developers decided to use this great Unreal Engine 4 for the nice game remake. Yes, indeed we are very much intended and also interested in making a First Person shooting game just like the CoD4 and use CoD4 Maps, weapons and gameplay in the game.

As all our developers are intermediate developers and have no experience of making a game before. But we all did modification’s in CoD4 and also some us worked on the UDK to customize Tactical Ops Maps. And all of us have the pretty much theme about how games work. We just want massive help from this community. Without community support we could not achieve success in this project of ours. And am quite sure Unreal Engine developers and other developers will help us in our project through this forum.

Actually we were thinking from where we could start first. Let me share the whole plan with you guys so that you guys can guide us where we can start our work. All our developers are college students and they have got plenty of time for this project. We are ready to provide the hard effort and lots of time. Are you guys ready to guide us?

These are the plans :

  1. To built the top 8 most popular maps of CoD4. We want to do the same maps with same lightening, colors and other stuffs. Just after same map cloning done we want to do some fixes and add some little things to the map as our addition. CoD4 multiplayer maps are pretty big though. And there are some options inside all the maps like : If a player follows a particular path in the map he will run silent without any noise, Short bounces and Long bounces, Strafe, Car blast damages, wall bangs according to thickness of the wall and some other stuffs like these.

  2. To built all the primary promod weapons of CoD4. We want to deport all the promod weapons of CoD4 along with the same weapon skinning in our game. We will add some new skins and weapons later on in updates. Is there any way in which we could convert CoD4 Quake Engine maps and weapons to Unreal Engine one?

  3. To built a completely new menu. Menu will have a freedom mode for each map practicing. And multiplayer joining system only.

  4. We want to implement low ping and low data transfer multiplayer system with server support. We want to built the whole master server and other gameplay server’s of this game on our own linux server. So that we can control different aspects of the game server with simple console commands and a web portal only. We really don’t want to provide any kind of server stuff to the client multiplayer. Players from all around the world will have to play in the server hosted by us only. They can play co-op in the LAN. But will get no features like the internet server gaming.

  5. We want to optimize the graphics of this game a lot so that old computer players can get very good FPS. Multiplayer FPS limitation will be 250 which will be the highest. And most of the players might get 250 FPS with the lowest resolution they got.

  6. We want to improve the graphics a little better than CoD4 have. We want to bring some smoothness and reality inside the graphics.

  7. We want to keep this game alive till the time we can. We have planned to make this game like dota 2, cs:go, LoL which have frequent updates and new things arrives with new updates. We don’t want to discontinue this game.

  8. To do a map territory system inside the game. Every player will get a hardware based id assigned to their game which would be very hard to modify for hackers. In-game they will make their team. They will do matchmaking inside the game or from our website which we will provide for the match making and rankings. Top teams will own the territories they win the most.

  9. To build a nice cinematic intro with skip option and at the first start of the game a loading screen.

  10. There will be very good communication skill of each character’s inside the game. And for real players communication we want to add a voice chat system, chat system, team chat system and also a video chat system with small video rendering at the top of the game. All this things will use the server for communication.

  11. Hackers will not be able to make hack for this game easily. Players will have no config files like CoD4 had using which some CoD4 cfg hacks got invented. All player control setups can be done from inside the game but not from any outside .cfg file.

  12. For the beginning we just want to make the game supported for all Windows, Linux & Mac versions. Eventually we are willing to extend the game support to Xbox, PS, Chrome OS etc. And in the future we are also willing to add different technology like VR motion and others in this game.

  13. To built high quality 3d sound channels upto 7.1 for better player footstep detection and strategy planning.

  14. To built an Anti-Cheat software both server-side and client side to detect all the hacks possible upto ring0. All players would be force to use the Anti-Cheat software.

  15. To built the game with latest DirectX like 11.1 or 12.

This is for the beginning. We have got a lot of other ideas for this game. But we are planning to do this and make the first release of this game.

So guys you got a almost full picture of what kind of game we are trying to make with Unreal Engine 4. Please help us with your suggestions on these things and also please guide us step by step so that we don’t go to the wrong path. A little help is also worth a lot. We really want to mainly focus on the graphics smoothness, quality, in-game flexibility, High FPS gaming, Low data online gaming with Anti-Cheat. Again mentioning that we need a suggestions or guide from where we could start at this moment. We are totally new in Unreal Engine 4. We have already started watching the basic tutorials available at youtube. We will finish those videos sooner in a month. But still suggestion from the community matters the most. I have posted the whole plan for this game now please guide us step by step so that we could proceed properly to the success of this game. And are sure that with the help of this community we can do it.

Thanks in advance…

Farukh Khan
UnderGround !nfinity

Activision would destroy you if you tried to do that

Activision in no way relates to our project. We are not copying anything from Activision. We are just making a new game of our own where we will put some our our favorite gameplay systems, maps and weapons. That’s all. Activision should not even bother about this. We are not reverse engineering any of their stuff. We are re-creating our own stuff just following CoD4.

Yup, they’ve already “destroyed” several of my Google Play Developer accounts for making countdowns to the release of CoD games. Despite me not having any copyrighted material (Everything 100% self-made, and even going so far as to abbreviate the app’s name to “BO3 Countdown”, “AW Countdown”, etc. I was literally making 100’s of dollars each day from ad revenue when they took my accounts down, so as you can imagine, I was furious. Unfortunately, they have yet to reply to my emails and letters, so I have given up on Activision for now.

But still we want to do this because we love the game so much and there are many lovers of this game out there wanting for activision’s support in this game. If they can’t provide support why not make my own game which will provide us the entertainment we want.

Because they still make COD games and they still make money from it to some degree it’s something they will (and must) protect. Also I wouldn’t be surprised to see them use it in some way in the future, like a rerelease of some form. You can make your own shooter game, but you can’t copy the maps or the weapons, and the mechanics would have to avoid features that are unique to COD.

There’s a lot I see going wrong with this and I think you should do what darth said and simply do your own IP. Anyone will realize who plays Call of Duty that you copying a franchise and are simply making a clone of the game. If you intend to try to sell the game as a complete remake you will probably be filed a DMCA because you are basically stealing from them if that would be the right word if you you happen to copy their gameplay, style, models, etc.

Please just make your own content from the ground up and not ride a franchise’s success and their fan base, you simply do not own the rights to the franchise to produce a game under the Call of Duty brand or copy it.

Part of me says go for it, the other part says, no you have to move forward…

If you could use that passion to create a new game or sub-genre of the FPS shooter. It just seems like if you have any success here, you’ll be wiped out with cease and desist orders… And at the other end, you may find that your game is less relevant, because despite the huge fanbase, people tend to move on and interests change…

Even if you were thinking of making this in UDK it would make more sense, as there’s lots of freely available community tools, making an FPS is straightforward, the graphics are solid and UDK games run on plenty of older hardware.

Sorry don’t want to kill your dreams here… But the truth is many COD modders have long moved on to create their own games…

Which is a shame… once they switch from dedicated servers to p2p stupidity, it should have died on the spot. True of many games that have gone away from that. It’s all about the money though, that’s why so much software is now ‘subscription’, another marketing model meant to soak the end users… ugh.

Yep, gotta love all the delicious corporatization… The original COD founders get ousted along with the subsequent mass exodus, yet this franchise goes from strength to strength, despite never-ending bland maps and repetitive game features. Activision just have to market it, and it boils over like a brand of overpriced toilet water…

Same goes for subscription, probably the least consumer friendly model to date, but because it suits corporate suits its unstoppable: Max/Maya, Office 365, Adobe everything etc.

Thank [insert_deity_here] we still have: UE4, UDK, Blender, Gimp, Open/Libre Office, VLC & Linux…

Don’t worry, eventually the pinheads in suits will work to crush all of that stuff too. Nobody breaths without a payment to them. :wink:

But UE4? I can’t see Epic Games turning down that nasty road :stuck_out_tongue:

Epic Games did make Unreal Engine 4 free after all…and royalty is really cheap…

After all this discussions it somehow completely convinced me that Activision is not a good company when it comes to help something grow. I discussed the matter with my team again. But was not able to see their sad faces because of this thing which had destroyed many CoD modders. But one thing I wanna say. Let’s not copy their stuff. Build our own First person shooter game which will attract all the CoD fans easily. We will provide new maps, new weapons, new gameplay techniques. But still it will be far better than CoD4 and will attract all CoD4 gamers. Guys please guide me step by step and where to start. All helps would be really appreciated because now my interest of making this game increased a lot to know the dark facts about Activision.

Thanks in advance…

Any moderator please change the title of this thread.

These “Dark Facts” are actually pretty normal for business, if you don’t know how copyright, trademarks, and IP’s work you should do your research for future reference. It’s not like Valve will just be OK with people trying to make a entire rip off of their assets in CS:GO and just reskinning it and therefore it’s OK. That’s not how things work when it comes to publishing any material and I don’t even mean just for games. You have to be to get the rights to publish anything under an IP or products title (ex: Call of Duty, Halo, Castle Crashers, Left 4 Dead 2) before you are allowed to release it as a game to the franchise.

If you really want to make a game that can out do Call of Duty 4, which by now is pretty old but still one of the my person favorites for last gen. You may want to get your team working looking into tutorials just learning the engine first before you do anything crazy. I don’t know what your team members skills consist of but I assume you have texture artist, modelers, and programmers (C++ and Networking skills). There’s no straightforward guide to making the “best game ever.” The best advice I can give if you is keep your goals simple and build off each goal to a finished product.

sounds like a plan.

If your really serious about making such a game the first thing you should probably do is sit down with a pen and paper and write everything out, what weapon/levels/game mechanics…ect so you know exactly what your doing, after that you can break it all down into individual tasks and tackle them one at a time. you could also draw some basic concepts for levels and things, even if they are only very basic sketches they could be very helpful.

my 2 cents:)

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Got it Soul. As I already mentioned I along with my team members are watching all the tutorial videos and documentation. As I have shared the whole plan with you guys without the CoD4 parts, please suggest me where to start at the first? Menu Editing?Level Designing or any other?

Please make the Title : uG!'s New First Person Shooter Game Help

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