UEnum issues

Hi forum, i try to create a list for cosmetic purposes with UEnum, but i afraid is very buggy and tricky!
this is my code for my enum:

enum class EVideoDevices : uint8

and now in the costructor of my class i manage that enum to list my own custom list

if (fsDevicesNames.Num() > 0)
		TArray<FName> fnDevicesNames;
		for (int i = 0; i < fsDevicesNames.Num(); i++)
			FName deviceName = FName(*fsDevicesNames*);
		if (fnDevicesNames.Num() > 0)
			UEnum* pEnum = FindObject<UEnum>(ANY_PACKAGE, TEXT("EVideoDevices"), true);
			if (pEnum)
				pEnum->SetEnums(fnDevicesNames, UEnum::ECppForm::Regular);


as you can see i add some enum names manually, is work perflectly but seems very bug in the editor, when i create a UProperty() in order to see in the editor i cant switch between elements on that enum, is very weird, if a try a short FName i can change in the editor, but when use a long FName now cant

in my test i can switch between default and cam2 but i cant choose microsoft life bla bla, seems because is a very long name, i am doing something wrong?

Bump!, i think really is a minor bug, can confirm?