Uefy Script with Blend file for already rigged UE4 Mannequin

I would like to know if I can sell Uefy Script on the marketplace and if anyone would be interested in supporting this project by purchasing it. The script makes it easy to use Blender’s rigify addon with Unreal Engine.

The product would consist of an FBX for the UE4 Mannequin exported from Blender with an Epic Skeleton compatible bone hierarchy and correct bone rolls for immediate use in Unreal Engine.

  1. Final FBX for UE4 Mannequin
  2. Blend file with already rigged UE4 Mannequin
  3. Uefy Script

Uefy Script only interacts with Blender in the blend file and the final output i.e. the FBX for the character is not covered by GPL so should not pose any licensing issues.

Should there be interest I can also provide other pre-rigged characters ready for animation in blender like some of the simpler paragon characters ie Paragon Wraith or Characters with facial rigs ready for bone driven conversation etc.

See Full playlist of videos for examples: