Uefy 2.0 (Pro Edition) make Blender's rigify rigs compatible with UE5, also has a FREE version

There are some new rigify part types that have not been added to Uefy 2 just yet. Specifically limbs.front_paw and limbs.rear_paw. The default horse rig has been updated to use these types but they are not in Uefy 2 just yet. (Will be in future update)

You can fix this issue for the time being by changing them to limbs.super_limb as below.

Go in POSE mode and select thigh.L in Bone Properties → Rigify Type → Rig Type change it from limbs.rear_paw to limbs.super_limb then set sub option Limb type to ‘Paw’.

Similarly change the upper_arm.L from limbs.front_paw to limbs.super_limb with sub option ‘Paw’. Do the same on the other side too and that will fix your issue.

You can check the FAQ on the product page " What metarig sample types are supported?" to see list of currently supported rig types.

EDIT: You can set the abdomen and hip bone to basic.super_copy

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Waves, I purchased your script and it works great, I was able to import the UE mannequin and animate it and bring it back in as a new skeleton and the animations came over.

I cannot retarget the imported animations to anything however, including the base UE mannequin.

I have characters from Daz that I’ve imported into Unreal via the DazToUnreal plugin. It comes with a skeleton for the Genesis characters that allows you to retarget the UE mannequin animations to it and that works great.

I’d like to make animations in Blender for these skeletons using your script. Is there a specific process I could follow using Uefy that will allow this? I tried exporting the skeleton for one of my characters from UE and followed the directions yet when I get the rig and try to pose the mesh tears as if the bones are not connected.

I don’t use the addon in this way. My workflow is to use DaztoBlender bridge to get the character directly into blender. Then I modify the armature and weight paint to make the skeleton match more closely to the Epic Skeleton using tools in Uefy 2. Finally I export the character to Unreal from blender with a new skeleton. Then I either import materials from Daz or create them myself but this is an editor side issue not related to blender.

This workflow gives me maximum compatibility with both animations available in the unreal marketplace plus my own animations created in Blender.

You can also create animations in Blender and retarget them to the mannequin. While you say this is not working for you, that is not correct. I have just tested exporting an animation created in Blender using Uefy + Rigify to Unreal then retargeted it to the original mannequin and it works just fine.

You can further retarget that animation from the original mannequin to your Daz character.

One problem with DazToUnreal bridge is that it doesn’t seem to create an Epic Skeleton compatible bone hierarchy. While it generally works but it is essentially skipping some bones. So not all animation will look/behave the same as the originals. You can manage this somewhat by using retargeting options on the skeleton.

This problem doesn’t exist if you use my workflow.

You are right, I forgot to set the rig to Humanoid on my re-import. It worked! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for over the last 2 weeks. Thanks!

There is a lot of great potential for UEfy. But because I don’t fully understand what is going on ‘under the hood’ I can’t troubleshoot my issues. There are so many buttons that I’m afraid to click.
I am currently having an issue where I have my mesh and Rigify armature that deforms fine in Pose Mode, but after prepping the mesh and rig for Unreal Engine, the rig no longer deforms the mesh in Pose Mode. But in Object Mode, the mesh will move with the rig when I grab it.

There are many hours of video showing the process to rig a range of characters from static mesh, engine samples, cc3, daz3d etc.

From what you describe I assume that weight paint did not transfer from your original armature to the final rig. Was your original character an existing rigify rig? If so you need to remove rigify. Then follow procedure shown in the videos to rename bones and the rest of the process. That should fix your issue.

You didn’t really provide much detail on what you did or how you got there so that is my guess on the matter.

Sorry about that. I didn’t know what questions to ask and I didn’t know what to look for. I’m still a bit confused, but it’s getting clearer. From what I can tell so far, my Rigify rig works fine. Vertex weights work fine. But if I push the “Build Skeleton” button, everything stops working. For some reason the bone’s “Deform” property gets turned off. At least, that’s the only thing I’ve found that seems to explain my issue. Maybe I’m not setting up the UEfy parameters correctly. I feel like I have followed the tutorials rather closely. The only difference I’ve seen was the “Preprocess” button under Preprocess Modifiers doesn’t exist in my version of UEfy. I really appreciate your help in this.

You can send a reply to the email with your download link and attach your blend file. I can take a look at it.

I’m really embarrassed. I cleaned out my inbox yesterday and I think I may have deleted the download link email. How should we proceed?
Maybe Discord? Drifty86#5250

NEW Release Uefy v2.4.0

A new version of the Uefy addon is now available.

  • Improved compatibility for Blender 3.1

  • limbs.leg and limbs.arm

  • 5 segment rear_paw and front_paw support

The paw support is great both for creatures and androids/mechs in free form mode.

This is a free update use your existing emailed download link to get the latest file. If your link is not functioning just send a reply to the email and let me know I’ll sort it out.


I have a huge problem with UEFY 2.3, in both Blender 2.93 the latest, and 3.1.
It doesn’t work. I do everything as should. The renaming panel do nothing, and after generating metarig from rigify, many bones from UE Manequin aren’t present in the rig. What is wrong?
I do exactly as on tutorial, and there are missing bones.

Uefy 2.4 supports the updates made to the default metarig in Blender 3.1, you should be using that version. It is a free update you can use your download link to get the latest file.

Regardless the addon is working correctly for me. If you are not getting the same result you are missing out on some step in the tutorial.

Please send a reply to the email with your download link and order id. Attach your blend file and I can take a look at it.

Is this tool perhaps able to magically merge DAZ lashes bone hierarchy so that lashes work and there’s no duplicate bones?

I’m not quite sure it does things the way you mean.

In my projects I don’t need lashes so I just use the Merge Weight Paint tool to transfer control of the lashes to the face bone. Then I can safely delete the lash bones without damaging weights for the eyes or other parts of the face.

If you want to individually control the lashes themselves there are some options. For instance you could create your own shapekeys to control the lashes. There is also rigify’s super_face rig where lashes are influenced by movement of the eyes. This requires manually updating the face weight paint on your part.

You can check the face rig tutorial in the third post at the top of this thread.


Does someone know, if UEFY is working in UE5? And if, then which version?


Uefy 2 works perfectly well with UE5. The retargeting procedure in the engine has a new workflow. But the rigging process in blender remains exactly the same. So you can use existing tutorials to successfully rig a character and export it to unreal engine 5.

Currently the addon rigs against the default UE4 mannequin. There are thousands of animations on the marketplace made for this skeleton. Plus retargeting is very easy with new tools in the engine.

The next update Uefy v2.5 (currently under development) is adding support for the new UE5 manny and quinn skeletons. This will provide fully compatible rigify rigs in Blender for the new mannequins. The release will have additional features and also plan new tutorials.

Yes, It is going to be a free upgrade.

I mean I want to use animations from Marketplace. So no possible for now? Just asking, great job btw :slight_smile: Congrats :slight_smile:

As I said in the last post it is very much possible to use animations from the marketplace right now with UE5 and Uefy2.

Only difference is you will need to figure out retargeting inside Unreal editor, as I have not made tutorials for that part just yet. You should be able to manage that on your own following unreal documentation.

Hi again,

Another question. What is the workflow to use Mannequin metarig, because I’m testing without success, and what is the difference between rigify. I really want to use UEFY, but still problems occurs after retargeting in Unreal. I followed tutorial, but nothing. Always something is off. NO luck exporting it without some issue. Can You please help? This is very important to Me.

Hello, just purchased your plugin to use with Blender 3.19 and UE5. it seems like there are steps have changed when using UE5. is there a post in this forum that explains the retargeting process. i dont see a retargeting manager, i see a retarget sources. I also see Asset details that lets you share animations. i dont see a way to reference a humanoid skeleton. can you add the steps to UE5 in your original video Easy rigging for UE4 Mannequin in Blender with Uefy 2.0 - YouTube or am i missing a UE5 specific video on your channel? thanks in advance