UEFN - Verse Variables Converted into Device Amounts

I would like the ability to say Granter grant an amount of an item that is automatically set equal to the amount the verse scripting has set it to. Such as:

var ItemsAreCool:int = 15

I would like a granter to be able to say grant var ItemsAreCool. The granter would just pull that 15 number from the scripting and grant 15 of whatever item was dropped in the granter.

Additionally, this would go for other devices. A score device could pull ItemAreCool to set/add/subtract 15, just based off off whatever the variable is set as in the scripting. So if later in the script we add 1 to that variable so it’s 16, the granter and score manager would automatically update to 16. Another device for which this would be extremely useful would be conditional buttons when they are eventually compatible with verse. There is a setting on conditional buttons already that says USE STACK AMOUNT. If there was another setting called USE VARIABLE AMOUNT, that would be perfect.

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I totally agree we need give Verse more power over Devices! I think one way that we’d like to address this in the future is having more Verse API functions on Devices, that give you more control at runtime (e.g. how much to grant, how much to change the score). There is a LOT to discuss around this though, so we can’t really give any details at the moment.

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