UEFN Submission Error . . .

Using UEFN to Publish to Fornite via Creator Portal.
Getting Error-
Submission for Publishing Failed.
There was an error when attempting to publish this content. Please try again.
But, it doesn’t say what specifically is Wrong (?)

same, have you found anything why??

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I Haven’t found anything yet. I tried a bunch of different settings and still get the same error.
: (

I am also having this problem. Tried on other explorer aside frome chrome and no good luck. From the looks of it, I think the jpeg doesn’t get properly uploaded as I don’t see a progress bar with the upload.

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I hope this gets fixed by UE Team soon.
Has anyone been able to Publish ?


I’ve been trying for what feels like a few hours now. The issue is still very much there.

Did you find any fixes??