UEFN Game Jam #1: Deathmatch

We invite you to participate in Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) jams! The purpose of these jams is to learn how to use UEFN capabilities. The theme of the first jam is Deathmatch.

Conditions of participation

  • Create a custom game using UEFN in the deathmatch genre: take Quake III Arena or Half-Life: deathmatch as an example.
  • The size of the map should be based on a comfortable game for 10-16 players. Players must find each other within 3-7 seconds.
  • The map should have pronounced verticality.
  • After death, the player should spawn in a random spawn with a standard low rarity weapon.
  • The higher the rarity level of a weapon, the less it should be on the map, and the more difficult it should be to get to this weapon. The same applies to ammo.
  • A leaderboard​ should be added to track the leaders of the match.
  • Each team must have one player (FFA mode).
  • The construction and destruction of buildings is prohibited.​
  • You must publish the game on your itch.io page and register on the jam page by 06.05, 17:00 (in Kyiv, UTC +3). The presentation of the games will take place on our Discord server​ on 07.05, at 12:00. There you can ask any questions about the jam and get the necessary advice.


CYBER SUMDU [Fortnite deathmatch] tournament will be held on the best jam maps. Anyone can join​.

​Organizers of the event

Center for Cybersports of Sumy State University with the support of the Department of Economic Cybernetics of Academic and Research Institute of Business, Economics and Management​, Sports Club of Sumy State University, Institute of Business, Economics and Management of Sumy State University, Sumy State University and Martian Teapots digital arts studio.​