UEEditor add custom command

I want to add a custom command arg, like -server, to perform some of my own functions, but I don’t know where to handle it.

I need to bulk import resources from the outside into the engine. At first I wanted to add a Program, but read the relevant code and found that calling the relevant import function requires the use of engine functions. So be prepared to add a command similar to -server to execute my function.

You mena command line options/parameter, there entire class dedicated for that:

To quickly check if there specific parameter in commandl ine(dont need to place - here):

FParse::Param(FCommandLine::Get(), TEXT("MyParameter"))

If you want to make parameter with value you can read it this way:

FParse::Value(FCommandLine::Get(), TEXT("-MyParameter="), MyString)

Note that -server is already used by the engine to turn on dedicates server:

If thats your intention then keep in mind that dedicated server can be potentially turn on without need tof that option so insted you should use this insted:

()->GetNetMode() == NM_DedicatedServer

or this:


Here list of them so you can check if you don’t name collide with anything else:

Thanks for your answer, I saw this document, but I need a CMD program like -server, or a tool like SlateViewer. But it seems that Programs cannot use the features of the engine.