UE_Log crashing engine when trying to print a FString

Hi all again,
I’m trying, in vain, to print a FString from a specific struct contained in a TArray, like this:

 struct stuff { int32 first; FString second; };
 TArray<stuff *> stuffList;
 FString test = stuffList[x]->second; //x is a valid index
 UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("%s"), *test);

No matter what I try it crashes.
Funnily enough, even AnswerHub crashed when I posted the question there, and had to rewrite the post…

Laughed so hard when I read your second sentence!

**Raw Struct Memory Management**

when you create regular structures or even UE4 C++ UStructs you absolutely must initialize your data members!

raw structs just get a section of memory that could contain anything, until you initialize the vars you have no idea what's there!

And so you dont have a clean FString in there, you have a tangled mess that UE4 is dereferencing, so you are dereferencing garbage.

Try this


struct stuff { 
	int32 first; 
	FString second; 
		first = 0;
		second = "";


or this:


struct stuff { 
	int32 first = 0; 
	FString second = ""; 




Thanks for the tip Rama.