UE5A. Using World Partition with non-open-world games (i.e., individual levels)

Hello guys!

I’m working on a game that has several levels. My problem here is that this is not an open world game, but I’d really like to make use of the data layers. AFAIK, Data Layers can only be used if the level uses world partition, so my question is:

What should I do in order to load and unload levels (i.e., in a similar way that the old level streaming method), and at the same time use data layers? Should I create each level as a sublevel, and then instance it using data layers for each level?

Thank you very much!

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World partition’s primary use case is that there is less of a use for multiple levels.
Since you can use data layer’s to switch “levels” instead of loading andd unloading complete map’s.
But in your case i think you already have maps premade so transfering those into one map would be difficult. I suggest looking into level instancing from the documentation.
Have not tried it myself but it does seem to atleast be possible to have some of the world partition features in a multiple level setup.

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Thank you! I think I can use this approach, since you can attach a non-world-partition level inside of a Level Instance actor :slight_smile:

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