Greetings @xuweioo; I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for sharing this amazing scene with us here in the Unreal Engine forums! Everything within this scene looks so meticulously crafted; how long did it take you to create this scene? Is it a part of a larger project you’re working on? :star_struck:


Looks great! Keep it up!

looks awesome!

Thank you so much. I spent a week to complete this work, modeling in Maya, mapping in Substancepainter, and finally making the lighting atmosphere in ue5. We are creating our own IP , which is finally realized in Ue5. The lumen of Ue5 is so powerful. up until now,the project is still in progress and will continue to be updated in the future. Welcome to make more valuable comments.


Looks great! :100: love it

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超赞 :+1:

The pleasure is all mine, and wow, a very impressive outcome for a week of diligent work! I can’t wait to see how your creation evolves with each update; keep up the great work. :grin:

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Impressive level design ideas! You should give us some High resolution renders to give your project justice :grimacing:

Thank you, can I find the re -editing button there? I don’t know how the video is placed here.

My video link is placed here :https://youtu.be/L2K_tHY-RuI
This is my latest scene :chinaHouse_light

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