UE5 Workstation Build Recommendations

Trying to run UE5 has swiftly made me realise i need to upgrage my PC. With the RTX3080ti on the Horizon now seems like a good time to upgrade. Last upgrade was 5 years ago before i started Unreal development so I’m a bit out of the loop. I’ve seen the recommended specs for the UE5 Sample project and see a 12 core CPU is recommended.

Currently i’m thinking:
Intel i9 10920x Processor
RTA3080Ti Graphics
Gigabyte X299X Aorus Master X299 Motherboard

Does this sound reasonable? Are there better options for a UE5 Workstation build? I would love to hear your recommendations for a new build now we know have had a few days to work with the engine.

The kicker for the sample project in particular is RAM—I’ve got a 3950X and 64 GB and I noticed that the editor’s memory usage peaked at 19 GB shortly before it crashed at the Dark World “boss fight” scene.

To this end, yeah the CPU seems fine (though a 5900X wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re willing to go Ryzen), but I’d recommend at least 32 GB system memory.

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Current build for me is:
Intel Core i9-10920X
256 GB Ram DDR4 (Trident Z Neo ram G.Skill)
AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB (still zero 3080’s available)
ASUS Prime X299-A II motherboard

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I think EPIC’s raytracing or lumen was based on RTX series GPU.

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Lumen is RTX killer software. It is software-based raytracing. You an enable hardware based raytracing where available, but the software-based Lumen is really better than anything RTX is capable of today. Lumen and Nanite are basically the RTX and DLSS killers. The hype is finally going to be over. We now have examples of why RTX and DLSS are pointless.
I have an i7 7700, 64GB DDR, EVGA 3080. I get 45-60fps in the Valley of the Ancient sample project. I would recommend getting the fastest GPU you possibly can.
While working in UE5-EA, I see RAM utilization around 17-20GB for UE5 process. The 64GB total system RAM allows me to have Chrome open at the same time.


I’m currently running on:
AMD Threadripper 3970X
256 GB RAM
RTX 3090

and Unreal Engine 5 runs horribly for me. I even threw a new drive in with a fresh install of Windows, just to give it a fresh shot, so in all honesty I don’t think it will be very easy to gauge what kind of specs will be ideal yet. We need to wait a little bit for Epic to fix bugs and optimize things a little more before the benchmarks can begin so to speak.

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Thinking if would worth upgrading the GPU on my old Z620 workstation with 24 Cores (48 Threads) Dual Xeon E5-2697v2 and 96GB DDR3 ECC RAM. Looking to get a PNY Quadro RTX 4000 8GB GDDR6 but not pretty sure if would worth buying it for about 1k.

I found that you need the fastest NVRAM SSD 500GB, preferably 1GB that hold the system disk and the Visual Studio 2019/Vs2022 to build the UE5 source. if you don’t have an SSD then fast 12 core CPU and fast GPU’s are wasted.
Sometimes when building I get speeds over 135MB/s on SSD
The resulting load of the UE5 Editor and Shader build means a fast SSD to stream from is crucial.

I also need a 64GB pagefile.sys on my SSD to convert some Epic Marketplace UE4 projects to UE5.

The result is that UE5EA compiles in 4718 seconds, approx 78 minutes with VS2022 and uses 12 threads to package/cook Windows projects. On a quick hard drive, this is 23239.05 seconds or 6.45 hours.

I don’t know, but my 32GB ram, 3700x, RTX 2060s, sata 3 SSD runs quite ok and compiles whole editor quite fast too, ca 1.8-2.1h only, of course i exclude all other platforms. I use Nvidia studio drivers and have disabled all not needed Windows trashware and services.

Pew! two hours to Compile?? I have Like five minutes… Fast Drives and proper chipsets are crucial in my opinion, I have an AMD3900X CPU, RTX2080Super,… 64gb RAM… But the main reason why the engine runs so smooth on my side is the 500gb corsair m2 SSD going through pcie4 on a x570 chipset… (System drive, engine Installation location, project files and derived Data cache location)… 4gb read/write per second here… But… Having a Lot of vram is also nice,… Anyways… I defintetly recommend to invest in Data Transfer Speed rather than a super Ultra ultra ultra powerful GPU and CPU, running on a SATA Drive sys

Cheers P.

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Your timings looks strange.
Complete build of UE5 sources on a slow 5400 RPM HDD needs less than 2 hours and using SSD build is going much faster.

Well, I expect as I have said many times that the drives need to be defragmented.

Depends how much main memory you have I have only 16GB and a 64GB page file,
Its below the minimum spec but it works!.

defrag D: /H /M 16
but this just goes to show what a waste, if time hard drives are used for VS, Builds

With 16GB only lowering threads count from 12 to 8-10 may speedup overall compilation time.

I have 64GB and with active 16 cores compilation tops up to 30GB memory usage and all other memory used for drive cache.