UE5 Viewport / Camera preview distortion

I’m using UE5 and running into some issues with the viewport digitally distorting along the bottom (see pic). It began occurring just in the camera preview window. But now it is happening in the viewport.

I can make it go away by adjusting the screen space percentage up and down a few times. And it tends to go away when I view through a camera in sequencer.

I’m running a 2080ti and i7. Everything else in UE5 seems to work fine and my Nvidia drives are upto date.

Any ideas?

Something like this is normally a hardware problem.

Do benchmark of your GPU once, just to check it is running fine using heaven benchmark and OCTT for at least 1hr.

I am running an older R9 390 and even though it is giving a rebooting problem to me, the graphics were never distorted like this.

Try to run it on some other computer as well just to verify it is UE5 or your system.