UE5 UI: 'Classic Ue4 layout' does not actually work as thought

The UE 4.7 GUI feels ‘cleaner’ / ‘less confusing’ than the new interface in UE5
(UE5 took a step back to the old UE 4.x days with the tedious nature of getting around]

All one needs to do is look at the Modeling layout in the video from Epic Games below,
and compare it to the Modeling layout in UE5. (This applies to other modes as well)
Sample of Modeling Tabs

  • Can we PLEASE get back the choice of tabs, and how they are implemented in the above video?

The ‘Classic UE4 mode’ is not actually anything like the UI for UE4.
How its implemented in UE5 is - a mess, to say the least.

Instead of each category in Modeling getting its own tabs, they are all stacked on top of one another.

  • Essentially, in UE5, no matter how you go about it, you will end up having stacks vs tabs.
    (As everything that should be ‘tabs’ are ‘untabbable’ and there is a lot of scrolling.]

UE5 is all about scrolling and/or showing too much info at once.

  • As you see in the video… click on a tab, all the tools are there - no scrolling… period.

I get that a lot of time went into this, and maybe 90%+ love this new look.
Does not take away from the fact that its not as easy to use as the previous method.

At minimum, I would hope for a real UE4 classic mode.

Please, before defending the new system, and knocking the old…
Compare the two quickly… its quite simple:

  • One has tabs and no scrolling (tools show up as you need them… no scrolling there either)
  • UE5… you will see every tool for every category, and (while you can collapse categories)
    this is much more tedious than before.)
  • And if you do move the tools to the horizontal position, it will stack (even if closed), and you will be scrolling as well.
    (Really messy looking and its called 'UE4 classic mode - although, as pointed out, thats not how classic works - at all)


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no update if the feature to make UE5 look like UE4 will ‘actually’ make it look the same.

  • Its a lot smoother getting around with the top toolbar in UE4 (no scrolls, etc - its all… just there for the tool you are using, as mentioned above)
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Any of the devs have any knowledge of when this will be available?